Call for Participation


Call for Participation
and Workshop Proposals
Available November 30, 2015

Youth Bike (a program of Recycle-A-Bicycle) and The New School’s urbanBIKE initiative


The Youth Bike planning committee is now accepting proposals for the 2015 Youth Bike Summit. The Youth Bike Summit is an annual three-day national conference bringing together educators, advocates, activists, students, teenagers, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and community leaders to engage around youth, bicycles, education, and advocacy. We bring people together from different disciplines and backgrounds to network, learn, and explore how the bicycle is a catalyst for positive social change.Participants are dedicated to showcasing and sharing the best practices, unique perspectives, and insights they bring from their local communities to a national platform. Through discussion and visioning, we transform dialogue about the benefits of safe and equitable access to transportation and mobility through the bicycle into practical, actionable outcomes, while supporting the health, development, stewardship, and empowerment of youth.We welcome & encourage proposals from the myriad of perspectives relating to advocacy, activism, social justice, job training/readiness, health, policy, transportation and mobility, food and energy, climate change, community resilience, organizing, design, and social innovation – all supporting bicycling as a catalyst for the health of our communities.Aiming to unite theory and practice, the urbanBIKE initiative will be curating an academic track within the Summit where researchers, scholars, designers and educators can share and discuss their bicycle-themed curricula, teaching, research and practice. The urbanBIKE Initiative is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and research-driven design lab at Parsons that explores the bicycle as a means of transforming our urban experience.

Youth Bike Mission & Guiding Principles

Youth Bike transforms our local communities and strengthens our national movement by empowering bicycle leaders.• We believe in the capacity of youth to lead
• We believe in the power of the bicycle as a catalyst for positive social change
• We believe in the importance of a diverse, multi-cultural and equitable movement
• We believe when youth ride bikes, our communities are healthier and more sustainable
• We believe that sharing & learning together will make each of us stronger

We strongly encourage proposals from ALL ages to better facilitate cross-generational exchange.

Submission Formats:

Hands-on Workshop – Workshop sessions can include in-depth training and/or exploration of a topic of interest through guided hands-on activities. The focus should be on knowledge transfer and skill development. Workshops should be led by one or more individuals knowledgeable in the particular area proposed.

Panel – The goal of a panel session is to provide in-depth presentations and discussion on a particular topic. The panel format includes short presentations by 3-4 panelists, followed by a moderated dialogue among the panelists and audience. We seek a broad range of panels and strongly encourage panelists of all ages. In your proposal, you will be asked to include a panel title, a moderator, the panelists, an abstract, and a long description of the panel topic.

Small-Group Discussion – Small group discussions provide an informal forum for the discussion of technical or social issues among interested parties. It provides a space for communities (existing or dynamically organized) to network around a theme or topic of interest. In your proposal, you will be asked to provide a title, short description and ideal number of participants for your small-group discussion.

Project Showcase – A pop-up exhibition will showcase a broad array of art & design projects. We seek diverse submissions – including anything and everything from helmet design, lighting design, poster art, bicycle design, accessory design, bicycle fashion & cycling apparel, architectural/infrastructure projects, bike storage, security, etc. Please consider the feasibility of exhibiting the actual projects vs a poster representing/demonstrating the project.

Performance – Performances can be proposed by individuals or groups and can come from musicians, comedians, and all types of entertainers. Please describe how your performance would contribute to the themes and goals of the Summit. Your performance should be a fun, positive experience for all attendees of the Youth Bike Summit.

Screening – We’re looking for short* films or videos with a bike-related theme. Any style is acceptable. (* for us, a short film is considered under 25 mins).

Other – if what you want to do is not here, please propose a new format!

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