About and Guiding Principles

The Youth Bike Summit (YBS) is a 3-day national conference bringing together students, educators, advocates, researchers, policy makers and community leaders in order to: gather and share ideas; give youth a voice, and; encourage civic engagement and advocacy.  Through workshops, presentations, keynote speakers, discussion, and visioning, we transform dialogue into action.

The YBS is a supportive, encouraging, and inclusive space that welcomes and highlights diversity of perspectives relating to advocacy, activism, social justice, job training, health, policy, transportation and mobility, climate change, community resilience, organizing, design and social innovation – all supporting bicycling as a catalyst for the health of our communities. 

Members of the YBS National Steering Committee, commit to fostering this work at both the local and national level, and embrace the values as reflected in the Guiding Principles.


We believe in the capacity of youth to lead.
We believe in the power of the bicycle as a catalyst for positive social change.
We believe in the importance of a diverse, multi-cultural and equitable movement.
We believe when youth ride bikes, our communities are healthier and more sustainable.
We believe that sharing & learning together will make each of us stronger.


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